UPDATE:  The Planning Commission meeting took place Monday evening, November 14. Following a presentation by Rob Richardson, there was additional testimony with Erin Stryka, Heidi Holliday and John Hornbeck speaking for the plan. Following additional community testimony and conversation, the vote was unanimous to move the Rosedale Master Plan forward to the full Commission for consideration. That meeting will take place on December 1.  We will send out a reminder.

On Monday evening, November 14 at 6:30, the recommended Master Plan for Rosedale will be presented to the Planning Commission for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County.  This Master Plan is notable for many reasons including the attention paid to built environment and infrastructure. 

The plan includes improvements in neighborhood walkability, park amenities and safety, bikeways and other aspects of complete streets. From the perspective of the 20|20|20 Movement this is a plan that deserves serious consideration for a range of reasons, including advancing the discussion of best practices for walkability and complete streets.

However, an area of special and timely interest is the proposed Rosedale Regional Nature Trail.  This is an expanded trail system that would introduce miles of nearly uninterrupted off-street trails, unique not only to Wyandotte County but to the entire urban center of the Kansas City Region. It is a major project that would take time and funding, but it represents an amazing combination of opportunities:  for recreational trails for walking, hiking and biking; for off-street transportation routes and connectors especially appropriate for bikeways; and as a model of environmental preservation and education.

Although we are interested in all aspects of the infrastructure improvements proposed in this Rosedale Master Plan, we are especially interested in this major project. This project is consistent with the objective of expanding the trail system in Wyandotte County and in the Greater Kansas City Region. It is also part of the Healthy Community Corridor. And it will likely be one of the projects that the 20|20|20 Work Group will be considering as a possible priority project for inclusion in a five-year trails plan.

You can review this Master Plan at http://www.rosedalemasterplan.com/ with specific information on the Rosedale Regional Nature Trail starting on page 49 of the plan. Additional infrastructure projects are described elsewhere throughout the plan.

However, we would also encourage people and organizations interested in the goals of the 20|20|20 Movement to attend the presentation on Monday evening, whether to simply learn more about the Rosedale Master Plan or to show support for it.  The meeting occurs this Monday at 6:30 PM in the Commission Chambers at 701 North 7th Street, and is open to the public.