20|20|20 Movement and

The Armourdale Levee Fest


The 20|20|20 Movement is an initiative that is focused on built environment and policies that improve safe access to community facilities and expanded use of community resources in Wyandotte County. This includes:

o   Safe sidewalks and other improved pedestrian access to schools and parks;  

o   Further development of outdoor trails in this predominantly urban area; and

o   A complete streets approach to urban transportation including expanded safe bicycle routes.

The first annual Levee Fest in Wyandotte County will be occurring at the Armourdale Levee Trail this Saturday, June 4, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This date was selected in recognition of National Trails Day and the importance of our outdoors environment to the health of the community. The trail head is at the levee near 18th and Kansas Avenue in Kansas City, KS.

This is a family friendly event which will include a “Passport to Fun and Fitness”. At various locations along the 1.3 mile trail there will be activities ranging from Zumba and Salsa classes, to chalk art and face painting. As with everything related to the 20|20|20 Movement, this is a collaborative event – hosted by the Unified Government Parks Department and 20|20|20, with additional community participation by Healthy Communities Wyandotte, The 8th Street YMCA, and a great many more organizations.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the impact that physical activity and nutrition has on health outcomes in the community, and to make more people aware of progress that is being made towards creating opportunities for safe physical activity in our neighborhoods and our parks. This is the first improved section of the levee that is open to the public, and we celebrate this and thank all those who have made this possible.

Media are welcome to the event. If you wish to arrive before the event opening at 11:00 to speak with event organizers or others, we would be pleased to accommodate you. Or just come and stay for the party.

For more information, members of the media and others may contact:

John Hornbeck, 20|20|20 Movement

913-669-1174 (cell phone)