There is a movement in Wyandotte County – a movement to help improve the health of our communities – our children and seniors, our singles and families, people that are already suffering from chronic disease or that are at risk.

Our health care system is obviously an important part of our health goals. However, there is an increasing recognition that health is more than doctors and nurses . . . more than hospitals and clinics. Part of our goal is to enhance neighborhoods with better access to safe, enriching physical activity.

This 20|20|20 Movement focuses on developing an environment that encourages increased physical activity for all.  These goals include better trails to create opportunities for walking and hiking at our parks and schools. Safer bicycle routes on our streets and safer sidewalks for our children to walk to school. Parks with amenities that provide exercise opportunities for children and seniors and everyone in between. Walkable / bikeable communities with less reliance on cars and better care of our environment while also caring for ourselves.

And with all of this, a greater sense of community and coming together.

Our specific built environment goals include

  • 20 miles of trails and paths for walking and hiking in our parks and other outdoor spaces;

  • 20 miles of safe bicycle routes connecting various parts of Kansas City, KS; and

  • 20 miles of safer sidewalks and crosswalks with a focus on routes to schools, parks and community centers.

We have already made progress in some of these areas and will celebrate that progress. But we will also advocate for additional progress, chart that future progress and keep you informed.

However, we want you to be more than informed. It is our hope that you will become involved in these efforts. We want . . . we need . . . communities to help energize this movement. And you will regularly have opportunities to help – opportunities that will include events in our parks and other locations, neighborhood meetings to explore options for your community, educational (but fun) programs to learn more about how physical activity can affect your health and the health of your family, and more.

So take this walk (or ride or hike) with us. Join us as we get moving. Help us encourage the whole county to get moving together. And welcome to the movement.