We have all kinds of “I can’t stand it” moments in life. I mean the good ones of course.

For example, I got my lovely wife a birthday present this year that was so perfect for her that I just couldn’t stand not giving it to her early. I don’t think it spoiled the surprise.

Right now, I’m sitting on that kind of a situation. And what makes it especially challenging is that it is getting so close. Not quite yet, but close.

One week from today, on Thursday, September 15, we will be an ever so small part of a nationwide announcement. It definitely will not be of earthquake proportions. But what makes me excited is the new initiative that this announcement will involve, the wonderful community collaboration at the heart of it, and the way we hope it will unfold during the next year.

But for right now, you’ll just have to wait. Why am I telling you this? I guess because I want others to join me in the anticipation, and in the waiting. And to remind my friends who are in on this secret that we are getting close to the day when the information blackout will be lifted. So . . . be patient . . . hush . . . we have only one more week to go.