One of the goals of the 202020 website is to be a resource for our community. One of the ways that we do this is through our calendar, and one of my personal favorites on our calendar are the webinars that we list.

Webinars are one of the easiest and best ways for information and training to be accessible to the largest number of people. You simply register for a webinar, you receive a confirmation message, and on the date and time of the webinar you follow those instructions to go on line from your computer.

The magic of webinars is that it brings expertise right to your computer that ordinarily would be far more difficult for you to access. This coming week is a perfect example. There is a webinar on pedestrians and cyclists in a suburban environment; one on incorporating artist-in-residence programs into transportation planning; and one on how metro area planning agencies can strengthen the local economy, improve public health outcomes for all of their residents, promote social equity and better protect the environment.

We encourage not only members of our partnering organizations and officials within the Unified Government, but also members of the community to participate in these learning sessions. Because the more access members of our community have to information like this, the better the understanding of how improvements in the built environment can impact health outcomes and other aspects of our daily lives.

Our calendars are at the bottom of almost every page on our website at We are all about access -- and that includes access to as much information as possible by as many members of our community as possible.