Community meeting in Rosedale

Community meeting in Rosedale


Your input is crucial to the work that we do. Beginning in September, we will be scheduling a number of opportunities for us to discuss walking in our communities -- as a way of getting to schools and parks and work and shopping, as a community builder, as a source of physical activity to improve our health -- for our children and our seniors and our families and ourselves. Change is needed, and the change starts with you.

If you are interested in having one of these meetings in your area, please contact John Hornbeck at so we can include your neighborhood in the conversation.

And watch here for details on upcoming "Community Conversations" throughout Wyandotte County.




Group reviewing possible trail and park enhancements at Bethany Park

Group reviewing possible trail and park enhancements at Bethany Park


It's crucial that the community become involved at all levels for our advocacy to work. Here are some tips:

  • Community Advocacy
    • Regularly check the calendar on this website for advocacy meetings and attend.
    • Let us know, or talk to your neighborhood association leadership, about changes that you would like for your community -- better sidewalks, outdoor trails, safer areas to bike, and other physical activity.
    • Participate in a Walking Audit of your sidewalks and other infrastructure to help assess challenges and opportunities for improvements.
    • Become active in your neighborhood association: become an active voice for the changes you would like to see.
    • Attend meetings of the Infrastructure Action Team for Healthy Communities Wyandotte. Held the second Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM at the Health Department.
    • Help Create Change: make your voice be heard during write-in campaigns and/or testimony at policy hearings.
    • Follow us on Social Media: We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help keep you informed. Even more important, we actively listen to what you are telling us.
    • Or, if you aren't on Social Media: write to us via email at
  • Become Active Yourself
    • It begins with you: Get out and walk or hike or cycle. The health benefits can start with you.
    • Join WALKWYCO: a texting service that alerts you to walking group activities in our neighborhood parks and trails.
    • Teach Your Children: take your children and grandchildren to outdoor trails and parks for active play.
    • Walk your dog: in your neighborhood or in a park. Remember to have it on a leash so both your dog and other walkers feel safe.
  • Encourage others to Become Active
    • Organize a walking group: for your neighborhood, school, or even work -- and add it to our calendar.
    • Volunteer for active events in your community: a bike rodeo, a 5K, or other events.
    • Support and participate in a "Walking School Bus" for a school in your neighborhood.
  • Volunteer
    • Create or join a neighborhood group to adopt a park or trail section
    • Help organize or participate in cleanup days to clean and beautify an area park.
    • Help assure that your children have an opportunity to learn how to bike safely, including everything from the rules of the road to proper clothing.
  • Watch for more suggestions here, including specific contacts.


To help you become more active yourself, we are providing the following community calendar:

Physical Activity Calendar:  For a separate calendar featuring healthy lifestyles physical activities go to the Wyandotte County "Active for Health" Calendar